How do I fix message latency in YO WhatsApp APK? - Yo WhatsApp download

 Have you ever experienced a messaging delay in YO WhatsApp APK? Even when the network is fine, it's crazy to see the latency of message delivery. You may be wondering why, is it a network signal problem in YO WhatsApp APK or a system problem? Let me help you out with this confusion.

How do I fix message latency in YO WhatsApp APK?

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If you are in a well-received environment, there is still a delay in message transmission. You can try the following measures.

Restart YO WhatsApp APK

First, problems with the YOWhatsApp system cannot be ruled out. The YO-WhatsApp system may not be fully developed yet. You will need to log out of YO WhatsApp and log back into the app.

Restarting your Android Device

In addition to restarting YO Mod WhatsApp, the app may not be running fast enough due to the device.

Clear your Phone's cache

This is probably the biggest cause of delayed messaging. Not only should you clear YO WhatsApp's cache, but you should also remove junk from your Android phone to free up internal storage.

Disable the power saving mode

You can also check if power saving mode is enabled. If power saving mode is enabled, it should be disabled. This is because power-saving mode limits the use of certain functions, which can cause message transmission to slow down.

Yo reinstall WhatsApp

If none of the above measures fix the problem, you may need to uninstall YOWhatsApp and reinstall YO Mod WhatsApp.

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